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A Brief History Of Maryland’s Old Bay Seasoning

 Learn about a brief history of Maryland’s Old Bay Seasoning.

Learn about a brief history of Maryland’s Old Bay Seasoning.

Everyone in Maryland knows about Old Bay Seasoning, as the spice that was traditionally used for seafood has grown to be an icon in the state! While we know that the spice blend can be paired with all types of food, ranging from chicken and French fries to popcorn and pizza, do you know about the history of Old Bay? Continue reading for a few fun facts about the iconic seasoning!

How It Was Made

Old Bay, a blend of 18 spices, was invented by German refugee Gustav Brunn who came to Maryland in 1939. The spice was named after a ship line of the Chesapeake Bay and quickly grew to be very popular later during the later 20th century. McCormick & Company bought the spice in 1990 and distributed it across the state. The company still manufactures it in Hunt Valley, MD, but Old Bay is now distributed to a much wider area.

What’s In Old Bay?

The recipe for Old Bay is the same as it was 80 years ago, but the entire list of ingredients has never been publicized. The ingredients listed on the can include celery salt, “spices” including red pepper and black pepper, and paprika. Of course, people always suspect what the “spices” include and how to make a knock-off Old Bay Seasoning on their own. You can find recipes online to make your own version of Old Bay, but nothing with beat the original!

Old Bay and Food Pairings

The seasoning is so popular in Maryland that food and beverage companies have embraced putting the spice on anything and everything! Flying Dog Brewery makes an Old Bay Ale called Dead Rise, and if you order a Bloody Mary in Maryland, chances are that it will come will an Old Bay-coated rim. You can find Old Bay Caramel ice cream at the local Charmery ice cream parlor, and multiple brands of potato chips flavored with the seafood spice. Since the spice was originally meant for seafood, it is a staple at every seafood restaurant in Maryland, especially on crabs!

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