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How to Eat Box Hill Crab Cakes for Breakfast

November 8, 2019

Every Marylander knows that crab cakes are delicious. If you have ever thought that you could eat crab cakes all day, every day, that can be done! Box Hill Crab Cakes has made it easy to order gourmet crab cakes… Read More

Beyond the Crab Cake: Even More Crab Dishes

October 31, 2019

While Maryland Crab Cakes are endlessly popular—for good reason—there are many other mouthwatering dishes you can create with the best Maryland crab meat. Box Hill Crab Cakes is a fan of crab in any form, and we regularly serve our… Read More

What to Serve With Your Order of Maryland Crab Cakes

October 23, 2019

As we enter the season of football games and holiday parties, it’s the perfect time to consider ordering fresh gourmet crab cakes from Box Hill. Our eight ounce fresh Maryland crab cakes are delivered to you directly in packs ranging… Read More

4 Easy Ways to Cook Crabs

October 16, 2019

We here at Box Hill love crabs, especially crab cakes. But when you’re in the mood for a hearty crab dinner, there are multiple methods you can use to enjoy some delicious crabs. Read on to discover the best methods… Read More

8 Unique Ways to Serve Crab Cakes

October 10, 2019

Box Hill Crab Cakes specializes in delicious Maryland crab cakes. One of the best parts of great crab cakes is their ability to taste well with whatever condiments and flavors you want to add to them. So, the next time… Read More

Get to Know Box Hill’s Italian Specialties

October 2, 2019

In addition to our delicious crab cakes and hearty soups and sandwiches, Box Hill has an extensive offering of hot and savory Italian dishes. Even if you’re a fan of pasta, you may not know the little differences between stuffed… Read More

Transition To The Fall Season With Soups From Box Hill

September 27, 2019

It’s finally autumn, and the weather is cooling down, which means we can start enjoying warm, hearty meals again! Box Hill has a variety of soups that are perfect for fall, including Split Pea, Chicken Noodle, and our homemade Maryland… Read More

What Is A Gyro And How Is It Made?

September 20, 2019

Whether you call it a “gear-oh,” a “J-eye-roh,” or a “yee-roh,” the perpetually mispronounced gyro is a popular and delicious staple at almost every sub shop and pizza joint. It’s a folded flatbread sandwich that combines meat, vegetables, and a… Read More

Order Box Hill For Your Football Sunday Watch Party

September 12, 2019

It’s football season once again! The Ravens have a home game this Sunday, and if you’re not going to the game, you’re probably getting ready to watch the game at home with some close friends. Whether you’re hosting a big… Read More

National Beer Lover’s Day: Pairing Beer With Pizza

September 5, 2019

This Saturday, September 7th, is National Beer Lover’s Day, an annual celebration to enjoy the delicious beverage! One of the best food and drink combinations is pizza and beer, as the cheesy dough combined with the refreshing flavor of a… Read More