Crab Cake Process - Making Maryland Crab Cakes


Making Maryland Crab Cakes

boxhillguysBoxhill crabcakes begin their life as fresh, fat blue crabs that arrive at our store every day. Our suppliers know that the blue crabs they deliver have to be less than 24 hours old, because the appeal of a Maryland crabcake is the fresh taste and firmness of the meat.

 Once the crabs arrive and pass our stringent rules for size and weight, we season them perfectly with a blend of spices, salt, and pepper. Every batch of crabs we steam is timed perfectly so the meat retains a delicious consistency without giving up its taste.

The next step is picking the meat from every nook and cranny of the blue crab – if you’ve never picked a blue crab trust us when we say this is the most painstaking, and tempting, part of the crabcake process.

Authentic crab cakes should be free of shells; we don’t let anything get in the way of the total experience of biting into a thick, flavorful Maryland crabcake. It’s one of the reasons why we have the best Maryland crabcakes in the world!

After the meat has been extracted from the crabs, the next step is to mix the crab meat in with a light filling to hold it together. At Boxhill, we use just enough filling to accent the overall taste and texture of the crabcake. The filling is flavored with a variety of herbs and spices, to help boost the flavor, but not mask the actual taste of the crab.

Once the concoction is evenly mixed, we shape it into hefty crab cakes that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding seafood lover. In our opinion, a Maryland crab cake has to be a meal in itself!

Now that the crab cake is almost ready for broiling or frying, we place them in a climate-controlled refrigerator. This final step helps the crab cake hold its consistency and ensures the meat remains full of flavor.boxhill22

Finally, we cook each crab cake according to how you want them. If you’re interested in having Maryland crab cakes shipped or delivered, that’s no problem. We will happily pack up the fresh crab cakes and then send them wherever you want.

There are plenty of places that advertise themselves as selling authentic Maryland crab cake, but Boxhill crab cakes are the only ones that are the best in the world!

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