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Order Thanksgiving Crab Cakes This Week

November 17, 2021

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and most people are gathering all their ingredients for their big meal. If you want to add something surprising and delicious to your Thanksgiving meal, or you want to avoid extra hassle Thanksgiving weekend,… Read More

Crab Cakes for Thanksgiving Weekend? Yes, Please!

November 2, 2021

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, but you have probably already started purchasing items on your shopping list. Families celebrate this major food holiday in numerous ways, as it’s an excellent opportunity for loved ones to gather together and show… Read More

Cook Delicious Halloween Crab Cakes for Both Kids and Parents

October 21, 2021

If you’re a fan of crab cakes and equally a fan of Halloween, there is a way to combine your favorite things. Halloween is often thought of as a holiday for kids, and while they mainly enjoy trick-or-treating, you can… Read More

Craving Comfort Food? Order Fall Crab Cakes from Box Hill

October 6, 2021

As temperatures drop, many people find that they crave those comfort foods that they hold dear. During crisp fall weather, nothing can taste quite as good as a hot, fresh crab cake. At Box Hill in Abingdon, Maryland, we love… Read More

Crab Cakes for Football Season: Place Your Orders Today

September 23, 2021

Football season is finally flourishing, so it’s time to bring out the delicious game-day snacks. Fresh crab cakes are some of the best treats to enjoy on a crisp fall day with back-to-back football games. At Box Hill Restaurant, we… Read More

How to Enjoy a Late Summer Crab Cake Picnic

September 8, 2021

Summer can be a great time to enjoy the hearty flavors of a Maryland crab cake. Although school is back in session and the temperatures are slowly turning downward, summer isn’t quite over yet. If you want to take advantage… Read More

Celebrate Labor Day with Handmade Crab Cake Orders

August 24, 2021

Labor Day will be here soon, on Monday, September 6th. This is often a day off from work for parents and one of the last days of summer vacation for children. To celebrate the holiday and an extended weekend with… Read More

Order Your Crab Cakes Ahead of The Long Labor Day Weekend

August 10, 2021

August is moving ahead as fast as ever, and what that means is that Labor Day is just around the corner. This early September holiday is the unofficial end of summer vacation and a time for most people to enjoy… Read More

3 Ways to Enjoy Summertime Crab Cakes from Box Hill

July 28, 2021

If you love fresh crab cakes but don’t love the work it takes to make them, Box Hill Crab Cakes has a solution. We make it easy to place orders for eight-ounce crab cakes handmade by our staff in Abingdon,… Read More

How to Celebrate Summer with Crab Cake Deliveries

July 13, 2021

Crab cakes are a delicious way to celebrate summer with friends and family. Gathering some of your favorite people around your backyard, pool, or big-screen TV can be a great way to pass the long, hot days and enjoy some… Read More