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Have a Housewarming Party to Attend? Bring Box Hill Crab Cakes!

Do you have a friend who is moving into a new house or residence and you aren’t sure what to bring? Bring a batch of Box Hill Crab Cakes!

Box Hill Crab Cakes are Maryland’s best crab cakes and have an authentic taste that will be irresistible addition to any housewarming party’s menu. Your friends will be impressed that you have some authentic, tasty Maryland crab cakes so much so that it will blow any deli or snack platter that other guests may bring.


Award Winning Maryland Crab Cakes

Besides bringing Box Hill crab cakes to the housewarming party, want a few more tips on making the housewarming party memorable? If you’re throwing a housewarming party, here are a few ideas to spice up your housewarming party:

  • Theme your party – You can go to your local party store to get ideas for a theme, maybe you want to give it a pirate theme or and under the sea theme. Both of those themes lend themselves well to serving some of Maryland’s best crab cakes. Box Hill can provide the premium crab cakes that will wow your housewarming guests and make them rave about how great the food was.
  • Give proper directions –  You don’t want to spend the majority of your time trying to direct people to your new place. Make sure you give all of your guests good, proper directions. That way they can find your new homestead and enjoy the Box Hill crab cakes that you’re serving with ease. It will also make the housewarming party more fun because your guests didn’t have to struggle to find your new place.
  • Shower your guests with party favors – One way to set your housewarming party apart from all other housewarming parties is by making party favors. These could be simple things like a swanky card with your new address on it or a bag of various candies and treats. You could even send your guests away with crab cakes from Box Hill! The gift of Maryland’s best crab cakes are always a welcome addition to any guests prize package.

So bring Box Hill Crab Cakes to your next housewarming party, birthday party, Father’s Day celebration – whatever event you have next on your calendar is the perfect event for some authentic Maryland crab cakes.

About Box Hill Crab Cakes:

With a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction in a family-friendly environment, our carry-out seafood restaurant is a popular regional eatery with long-time, faithful customers who come in weekly to enjoy the “World Famous Crab Cakes,” incredible Italian dishes, authentic Greek specialties and delicious hot and cold subs to name just a few of the menu favorites.


Voted one of Maryland’s best restaurants for crabcakes, give us a try and you too will be a satisfied customer who will be back for more! Contact us today to try some of Maryland’s best crab cakes.


Boxhill’s Crabcakes, made from a secret family recipe, have grown in popularity for over 25 years.


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