Healthy April Veggies to Pair with Box Hill Crab Cakes


Healthy April Veggies to Pair with Box Hill Crab Cakes


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Which veggies make for the perfect pairing for our crab cakes?

Last week, we demonstrated just how many health benefits come from integrating our famous Box Hill crab cakes into your diet. As April is around the corner, why not have a look at some of this season’s tastiest fresh produce that make perfect side-dishes for when you order our amazing crab cakes – shipped right to your door – and serve them to your friends and family as a delicious, authentic Maryland feast?


Springtime is the absolute best time of year to find some fresh greens and either grill them up or roast them up as a perfect pairing with Box Hill crab cakes! Aside from being an ideal ingredient as your primary side-dish, asparagus pairs well with both lemon and mint – which can also be drizzled on the crab cakes themselves for a delicious, light seasoning.


When spring and summer roll around, you tend to see many restaurants featuring avocado-based entrees on their seasonal menus. This is because avocado is a healthy substitute for cheese, and you can keep that in mind by slicing it raw and laying thin strips on top of a crab cake sandwich, making for a perfect summer sandwich that can be taken on picnics or to a ballgame. As a bonus sprinkle some garlic powder and butter on the burger buns when adding them to the grill, helping to highlight the crab cakes’ nature flavors.


When it comes to beets, you may be skeptical about its use in spring and summer dishes, especially since they are so commonly added to winter soups and as hot side-dishes. Sliced, however, they can add a natural sweetness to any salad, especially if you use our signature recipe, then cut your Box Hill crab cakes into quarter-sized squares and and sprinkle them into a fresh house salad. Again, this is an ideal picnic or barbeque side dish that tastes of summer!


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