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Tartar Sauce and Seafood: The Perfect Pairing

Tartar sauce and seafood are two of those things that just go together. But why are they so perfect for each other? And what is tartar sauce made from anyway? And isn’t tartar something you want to eliminate for your dental health?


What’s in a name?


First of all, tartar sauce has nothing to do with the dental version of tartar. The latter is actually hardened plaque, and your dentist loves you for it because it gives you a reason to keep going to the dentist. Your dentist probably also loves tartar sauce, which is not plaque sauce. The name tartar is thought to come from the sauce’s original use as a garnish for the French dish of thinly chopped steak known as steak tartare. It was developed sometime in the 1800’s, and it was so good that it’s stuck around, though now it’s more commonly known as tartar sauce, minus the e. The Tartar’s were actually Mongolians known for their culinary expertise, which the French used for inspiration.


What’s in the sauce?


Tartar sauce is made from a base of mayonnaise. From there, many other ingredients can be added, though some of the most common are pickle relish and capers. Other ingredients found in tartar sauce are lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, vinegar, mustard, olive, and boiled eggs. The tangy taste of tartar sauce makes it a perfect complement for fried food (like crab cakes), and it gives a nice kick to mild seafood.


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