Celebrate Mardi Gras with a Shipment of Maryland Crab Cakes


Celebrate Mardi Gras with a Shipment of Maryland Crab Cakes

shipment of maryland crab cakes for mardi gras

A shipment of Maryland crab cakes is a perfect way to celebrate the indulgence of Mardi Gras!

Next Tuesday, February 25th, is the day to throw a party. Why? Because it’s Mardi Gras! This celebration, also known as “Fat Tuesday,” is celebrated all over the world, but in America, the center of the party is down in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you want to bring a bon temps to your home, you can celebrate Mardi Gras by indulging in your favorite, mouthwatering foods. In Maryland, that means relishing the taste of a great Maryland crab cake. At Box Hill Crab Cakes, we know that our guests don’t always have the time to visit us and pick up their food. That’s why we’ve made it so easy to order a shipment of Maryland crab cakes, and have them delivered to your home. Read on to learn how you can order some crab cakes for your Mardi Gras celebration! 

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras 

Mardi Gras is the last day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the Catholic Lent season leading up to Easter. During Lent, many Christians fast or abstain from richer foods. Therefore, Mardi Gras rose in popularity as a means to indulge one last time before the lean Lent season. While many people may only celebrate Fat Tuesday, the Carnival season leading up to Mardi Gras begins in January with the Feast of the Epiphany. Whether you have been celebrating for a month, or want to take the last day of Carnival season to indulge in your favorite foods, a shipment of Maryland crab cakes from Box Hill can help you indulge most deliciously. 

What You Can Order From Box Hill Crab Cakes

When deciding which shipment of Maryland crab cakes to order for your Mardi Gras celebration, you have plenty from which to choose. Our crab cake packages range in sizes from a four-pack to a 24-pack, and we offer gluten-free versions of those sizes. Our crab cakes are made fresh for every order and packaged in Styrofoam containers and dry ice to maintain absolute freshness until you are ready to cook your new crab cakes. Once our crab cakes are delivered to you, all you have to do is place them in the oven before enjoying your feast. 

How to Place Your Order for Maryland Crab Cakes 

We’ve made placing your order for a shipment of Maryland crab cakes very easy. First, go to our online store. There, you will see the selections of crab cakes available and their prices, along with lots of other helpful information. After you select which order you would like, you proceed through the checkout system. We ship our crab cakes Monday through Thursday. Any order placed before 10 a.m. the previous day may be delivered to the customer by 3 p.m. the next day, barring interruptions from significant weather events or holidays. Order today to get your crab cakes delivered before Mardi Gras begins on Tuesday! 

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

We are located in Abingdon, Maryland, and our crab cakes are available year-round! If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Box Hill Crab Cakes is your source for the freshest, most authentic Maryland crab cakes—and we’ll ship them to your door! Our top-secret family recipe has been fine-tuned for decades, and we guarantee you will love them. Visit us online to place your order or give us a call at 410-515-3662. Want to get recipe ideas, updates, and information on sales? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, YouTube, and Twitter.

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