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How Box Hill Gets Its Famous Baltimore Blue Crabs

Maryland Blue Crab

Box Hill guarantees the freshest and most delicious crab cakes — here’s how we get our best Blue Crabs!

Box Hill is famous for its delicious crab cakes! Baltimore is famous for not only famous crab dishes but also the abundance of crabs in its waters. Here is how we are able to bring only the freshest and best blue crabs to our customers.

Blue crabs can be found anywhere from Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast, all the way to northern Argentina in South America. The abundance of them, however, are found on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. most commonly from Texas to Massachusetts. Due to their ability to be found in both saltwater and freshwater areas, these crabs are common. Blue crabs typically reach maturity within 18 months and adults can be up to 9 inches long.

Blue Crab Life

It’s a long journey before Maryland’s famous blue crabs become our delicious crab cakes. Blue crabs typically mate from May to October in the partially salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay. After a female molts, a male will transfer his sperm to the female who then harvests the sperm-fertilization of the eggs can occur anywhere from 2-9 months after mating. When the eggs are fertilized, females develop a sponge on their abdomen that can contain anywhere between 750,000 to 8 million eggs. Male crabs will continue to grow throughout their entire lives, whereas females will stop growing after 22 molts. Once the crabs are grown they tend to be bottom feeders and can migrate to a wide variety of areas.

Catching Blue Crabs

Blue crabs can he harvested both as soft shell and hard shell crabs depending on their molting process and may be caught using baited handlines, collapsible traps and nets. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, blue crab is one of the most important species that is harvested in the bay and provide the highest value of commercial fishery. Chesapeake Bay waterfront landowners also find an advantage when it comes to catching these crabs, and they are allowed to use crab pots and catch crabs on their own. This process is crucial in bringing Box Hill’s famous crab cakes to our happy customers.

Box Hill Crab Cakes

Box Hill Pizzeria is famous for their specialty crab cakes, not only producing high quality products but their unique ability to provide crab cake shipping straight to your door. Box Hill is a source for freshest and most authentic crab cakes in the area. Voted some of Maryland’s best by voters in Howard County, Box Hill take full advantage of the abundance of blue crabs in the Baltimore area to produce fresh, delivered to your door the next day crab cakes. From packs of 4 to packs of 24, from regular Baltimore crab cakes to gluten free, Box Hill Pizzeria is available to send them to you. Call to place your order at 410-515-3662 or order online to place your order for the often imitated, never achieved famous Box Hill Crab cakes. To get recipe idea, updates and information on upcoming sales, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Trip Advisor, YouTube and Twitter.

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