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How to Eat a Blue Crab

Blue CrabAs the weather gets colder, the season for picking crabs has come to an end. While crab cakes are still available through Box Hill, there is still something to be said about getting your hands dirty and picking out your own crab meat. With that being said, it’s never too early to start planning for the 2015 summer season! Whether you are a seasoned pro or about to eat your first Maryland blue crab, there is an art to the way us Marylanders eat our crustaceans.

  1. Before you begin to rip your crab apart, it’s important to set up your work station. Lay down some brown paper or newspaper on your table to protect the surface. Have paper towels on hand for clean up as well as some mallets and small fork to assist in the process.
  2. Begin by pulling the large claw and smaller legs from the sides of the crab. This will make it easier to manage your crab. Set aside your claws for later, but toss away the smaller legs.
  3. The next step is to separate the top shell of the crab from the rest of the body. You can get rid of the top part once it has been separated.
  4. You are now able to clean your crab! Use your fingers to pull away the softer parts of the crab. This includes the intestines and gills of the crab. Some people will also remove the yellow “mustard” of the crab while others will consume it.
  5. Once the body of your crab has been cleaned, crack your crab in half. There may be some more innards to remove here so be aware. What will be left is delicious lump crab meat! Use your fingers to pull apart the meat from the shell, using your fork whenever there is meat your finger can’t reach.
  6. After you have consumed the larger portions of meat, turn back to your claws. Using your mallet and knife, gently crack open the claws. Then pull the meat free of the shells and enjoy!


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