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How Does a Professional Chef Prepare Crabs?

prepare crabs like a chef

You can prepare crabs at home just how a chef does at a restaurant!

You may sometimes wonder if there is a special way that a professional chef handles crabs that differs from how you may handle them at home. There are a few basic practices that professional chefs employ when handling their crabs in a restaurant. If you are a fan of cooking crabs at home, you can incorporate these practices into your own routine to ensure that you have the tastiest crab dishes possible!

Choose Your Crab

The first step to preparing a great crab dish is to pick some great crabs! Of course, Maryland Blue Crabs are the highest-quality crabs available. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland supplies approximately 50% of the nation’s blue crab harvest. Everyone want to get their hands on a delectable Maryland Blue Crab, and living in or near the state of Maryland gives you a great advantage! So, when shopping for crabs, make sure to get Maryland Blue Crabs. If possible, try to get male crabs, as they tend to be larger and plumper than female Blue Crabs.

Pick It; Pick it Good!

After getting your Maryland Blue Crabs home, make sure to carefully pick the meat. The best meat is the backfin meat. This is the jumbo lump and special grade parts of the crabmeat. You can find the backfin meat in the body of the crab. Backfin meat is especially great for making crab cakes or for using as accents on food dishes that require a great presentation.

Get Cookin’!

After picking your crabs, the meat is ready to be prepared into a meal. Of course, you can choose to simply steam and season your crabs and then just dig in! If you need crabmeat for a recipe like crab cakes, then the best thing you can do is get a recipe from a Marylander! When making crab cakes, going with Old Bay for the seasoning is a great, and some would argue essential, choice. From there, you can choose to pan fry, bake, or broil your crab cakes. As long as you have a generous amount of quality crabmeat in each crab cake, you’ll be sure to produce crab cakes that taste like they were made by a professional chef!


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