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Inner Harbor Water Wheel Making a Splash

Inner Harbor Water Wheel

This past weekend, a video showcasing the new water wheel in the Inner Harbor in action gained its 1 millionth view on YouTube. The video was posted the day after a rainstorm came through the area and the water wheel was out in full force. The traction the video has gained since it was posted is proof that the public cares about what is happening with the environment and the Chesapeake Bay.


The water wheel that can be found in the Inner Harbor was introduced to the harbor in the beginning of May when it was launched from Pier 6. The wheel is a project put in play by the Waterfront Partnership in their efforts to make the Harbor swimmable by the year 2020. The wheel is powered by either the current from the Jones Falls River or by solar panels. The wheel lifts trash from the river and then drops it into a dumpster aboard the barge. The wheel is able to collect about 50,000 pounds of trash per day and has already collected over 58 tons of garbage from the harbor. A chairman from the Waterfront Partnership wants the public to realize that most of the bottles and other trash collected by the wheel actually comes from the street.


The 2 ½ minute video was recorded and posted by Adam Lindquist. Adam currently serves as the manager of the Healthy Harbor Project and posted the video in hopes of getting people talking. He is excited about the conversations that have already begun since the video’s debut, found on YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook. The overall goal is to help the public realize the effects littering has on the environment and to promote habits to help clean and save the harbor as well as the Chesapeake Bay.

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At Box Hill, we strive to help with the restoration of our waterways, especially the Chesapeake Bay. We rely on the bay to provide us with Maryland Blue Crabs so we can continue to prepare and serve our famous Box Hill Crab Cakes. We know the residents of Maryland will come together to help protect and clean our Bay and restore it to its former glory.


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