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Pool Party Crab Cakes

Pool-Party-Crab-CakesNow that summer is finally here, residents across the state are looking forward to all of the activities the warm weather brings. Residents will begin to fire up their grills, brush off their patio furniture for long summer nights, and will find tickets to head down to the ballpark. Another great way to celebrate the summer season finally arriving is by throwing a pool party, and what better way to kick off the party than with crab cakes from Box Hill!

A pool party is the perfect way to gather your friends and family to enjoy some fun in the sun. However, some may not know how to plan an upcoming pool party. Here are some pool party tips for your upcoming event!

  • Give guests plenty of notice so they can clear their schedules and enjoy your pool party.
  • Pick a fun theme to get guests involved with your pool party.
  • Have plenty of seating available for those who don’t necessarily want to swim while having plenty of toys available for those enjoying the pool.
  • Consider having the pool party as a pot luck, with the host providing the delicious crab cakes!

Order Box Hill crab cakes online to have delivered to your doorstep on the day of your pool party. Instead of stressing about the menu of your party, ask guests to bring their favorite side dish or dessert to pair well the crab cakes you will be providing.

Located in Abingdon, Maryland, our crab cakes are available year round and can be ordered online to be shipped straight to your front door. Order online here or call us at (410)-515-3662. If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Here are the easy cooking steps for your crab cakes:

  1. For 8-10 minutes, preheat your over at a temperature of 425 degrees.
  2. Use a pan without grease, using only a small amount of butter or water to cook your crab cakes on.
  3. Cook crab cakes for about 20 minutes, depending on your oven. Crab cakes should be firm and have a golden brown top with an internal temperature of 145 degrees.


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