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What do Crabs do in the Winter?

Winter’s almost here, and with the early snow and cold temperatures, it looks like it’s going to be a long one. As we hunker down for the winter, the blue crabs in the bay are doing the same thing, except they take hunkering down to an extreme that even the most dedicated couch potato seldom reaches.


When the air temperature gets below 50 degrees, crabs leave their summer home of shallow inshore waters for deeper waters. There, they bury themselves into the muddy or sandy bottom by forcing their abdomen backwards with snapping motions and using their hind legs to dig in. The crab buries itself at a 45 degree angle until only the tip of its eye stalks and some small breathing channels are still visible. This process takes only a few minutes to complete, and once they’ve dug in, they’ll be there for awhile. Crabs spend the entire buried in the mud, not emerging until the warm weather of the spring arrives. They aren’t hibernating however, they’re just lying dormant in the mud, thinking crab thoughts for a few long, cold, lonely months. Such is the life of a crab in the winter.


crabs in winter


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