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What Happens in a Crab Net?

Have you ever wondered what really happens in a crab net? This video entitled, Day in the life of a Crab net, gives an up close and in person perspective on what really happens when you go crabbing. The videographer attached a Go Pro camera to a crab net during a day of crabbing and recorded the events that take place below the surface. Immediately after the net goes under, a school of fish start pecking at the bait. A few crabs come to scavenge once it hits the bottom and seem to scare the fish off with their claws. After coming up with nothing the first time, the crabbers net a total of one crab in their second inspection of the net. Later on we see a fascinating manta ray snacking on the bait, as well as a dolphin who seems fascinated by the underwater camera. If you’ve ever wanted to see what really happens below the surface, check out the video below!

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