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Halloween Party Bite Ideas: Crabcakes

If you’re searching for healthy party bites to serve during your Halloween party, try crab cakes.


Crab cakes go well with a variety of side dishes and condiments. You really can’t go wrong with them. For example, in Maryland the number one sides for crab cakes are French fries and coleslaw. If you’re serving them for your Halloween dinner, you may want to serve your crab cakes along with fresh asparagus, biscuits and potato salad. Corn on a cob is a favorite dinner side as well.


If you want to get really creative with your Halloween crab cake meal, consider serving the following sides with your crab cakes:


–      Pickled cucumber salad

–      Pickled beets

–      Macaroni salad

–      Marinated vegetables

–      Sweet carrot salad

–      Pineapple

–      Raisins


As for sauce, tartar sauce or cocktail sauce are traditional dips used for crab cakes. Wasabi mayo is also a sauce you may want to consider.


Crab cakes can be served traditional or for Halloween you can spicy it up with new sauces of remoulade, horseradish sauce, hollandaise sauce, salsa or red wine vinegar. Don’t forget the hint of lemon juice on top.


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