Start Holiday Shopping Early with Box Hill Crab Cake Coupon Codes


Start Holiday Shopping Early with Box Hill Crab Cake Coupon Codes

box hill crab cakes crab cake coupon codes

Use our crab cake coupon codes to send your loved ones gifts this season!

November is fast approaching, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. At Box Hill Crab Cakes, we know that handmade crab cakes can be an excellent treat for anyone at any time of year. If you’re in the giving spirit, you can order our crab cakes for your friends or family as a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s treat. At Box Hill Crab Cakes, we make it easy to send anyone a package of our delicious and savory crab cakes. All orders are placed online through our website, and packages can be delivered to any address in the U.S. To make it even easier, we’re offering early holiday savings with crab cake coupon codes! Check out the appropriate codes for your orders today – and order before November 12th to take advantage of the savings! 

Use Crab Cake Coupon Codes Through November 12th 

For those early holiday shoppers, we are offering unique discount codes for use in our online store. Remember: our crab cake orders can only be purchased through the website. 

To order your crab cakes, browse our selections. We have gluten-free varieties, too! After adding your chosen packages to your online cart, you can begin the checkout process. At this stage, you can enter your coupon codes: 

  • Use code “Holiday4-6pk” for $10 off a four or six-pack of crab cakes
  • Use code “Holiday8-24pk” for $15 off an eight-pack or more of crab cakes

When sending as a gift, you can input your recipient’s delivery address and your payment information. Be sure to check twice to make sure all information is correct! When ordering, you can choose any date from today through December for shipment and still use our crab cake coupon codes. 

Deliver Crab Cakes with 2nd Day Delivery 

If you are looking to save money on shipping expenses that can add up during the holiday season, we recommend selecting UPS 2nd Day Delivery services. No matter where you are shipping your crab cakes in the U.S., your crab cakes will arrive fresh and intact. We package our crab cakes with dry ice and Styrofoam packages that have been tested for the long haul. We can even ship to Alaska and Hawaii with 2nd Day Delivery! 

When crab cakes are delivered, the recipient can cook them and serve them hot whenever they prefer. Our customers are always satisfied with their deliveries, but if for some reason you are not happy with your order, you can return your unused items for a refund within 36 hours of delivery. 

If you’re ready to gift some unique, delectable crab cakes this year, take advantage of our online coupons and mark those gifts off your shopping list. 

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

We are located in Abingdon, Maryland, and our crab cakes are available year-round! If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Box Hill Crab Cakes is your source for the freshest, most authentic Maryland crab cakes—and we’ll ship them to your door! Our top-secret family recipe has been fine-tuned for decades, and we guarantee you will love them. Visit us online to place your order or give us a call at 410-515-3662. Want to get recipe ideas, updates, and information on sales? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, YouTube, and Twitter.

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