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Maryland State Sandwich: Soft Shell or Crab Cake?

In the 2014 session of the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis, lawmakers are discussing many important topics. Chief among them, Maryland’s favorite food, crabs! Specifically, the lack of a state sandwich. Senator Richard Colburn is aiming to change that with a bill that would make the soft shell crab sandwich the official sandwich of the state. His reasoning? “The soft crab is unique, it’s coming from the Chesapeake Bay. Soft crab sandwich is a unique delicacy and it’s the only crab you can eat with legs sticking out of the bread.”


Soft crab sandwiches are definitely unique, and they are a Maryland delicacy, but many think the crab cake sandwich is being unfairly left out of the discussion for state sandwich. In terms of popularity, while there are no official statistics, it’s safe to say that more crab cake sandwiches are consumed than soft shell crab sandwiches. Crab cake sandwiches also have more of a universal appeal than soft shell crab sandwiches; not everyone wants a sandwich that has legs.


So far the bill has been heard in committee, but it hasn’t seen any other action. So what do you think? Soft shell or crab cake?


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