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Where in the World Do Blue Crabs Live?

Here in Maryland, we sometimes forget the fact that blue crabs aren’t just natives of the Chesapeake Bay. (But lets be honest, there’s nothing quite like a Maryland blue crab). So where else do crabs live? You might be surprised at the range of their habitat.


Blue crabs live all along the Atlantic Coast in both North and South America. Blue crabs are found as far north as Nova Scotia in Canada, and as far south as Uruguay and Argentina. In between, there are large blue crab populations in the Gulf of Mexico, especially in Louisiana, which rivals the Chesapeake Bay in terms of blue crab production. So why do these guys live here? They enjoy the warm coastal waters as well as the great variety of food both animal and vegetable that can be found along the coast. The warm temperatures are also ideal for blue crab mating, and they prefer the brackish water mix as opposed to strictly salt or fresh water.


Blue crabs have also been found in Japanese and European waters, most likely traveling there in the ballast of ships. It remains to be seen what the effect of blue crabs will be there as a non-native species.


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