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Checklist For Your Memorial Day Party

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Follow this checklist for a great Memorial Day party!

Memorial Day is next weekend, which means that it’s time to finalize your plans for a party! Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have died while serving our country, and has become a holiday known for cookouts, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the summer weather. What better way to celebrate the day with close friends and family than to serve some delicious crab cakes and food from Box Hill?  

Guest List and Invites

The first step to any party is to invite your guests! Since Memorial Day weekend is so popular for parties, invite friends and family as early as possible and expect people to drop in and out as they visit other events. Most Memorial Day parties are very casual and laidback, so there is no need for a formal invite- just call or text your friends and let them know when they can stop by during the day to have some fun in the sun!


While Memorial Day is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and Maryland may be hit with some rain showers. Be sure to check the weather forecast a few days before your party and have a backup plan. If you won’t have many guests, you can simply stay inside your house- but if you have a large guest list, consider renting a tent for the day.


The most important part of any party is the food! In addition to fruit salad and bags of chips, you want to provide guests with delicious entrees like hot dogs, burgers, and crab cakes. Marylanders know that since Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of summer, it’s the perfect day to have some crab cakes and seafood to start the season off right! Order Box Hill’s world famous crab cakes for your party soon, so all you’ll have to do is defrost and cook them on the grill or in your oven for the perfect Memorial Day treat.


If you would rather cater your party, don’t worry, Box Hill has you covered! Our extensive catering menu features hot foods like wings and crab cakes, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, seafood, and so much more! Call today for more information on our catering menu to make this year’s Memorial Day the best one yet.

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

We are located in Abingdon, Maryland, and our crab cakes are available year-round! If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Box Hill Crab Cakes is your source for the freshest, most authentic Maryland crab cakes—and we’ll ship them to your door! Our top-secret family recipe has been fine-tuned for decades, and we guarantee you will love them. Visit us online to place your order or give us a call at 410-515-3662. Want to get recipe ideas, updates, and information on sales? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, YouTube, and Twitter.

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