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Easter Dinner Ideas: Crabcakes for Picky Eaters

Do you have a picky eater or two in the family? If yes, you need to make sure your picky eaters have food they will enjoy on the Easter dinner menu.

This article will provide you information on how to serve crabcakes to picky eaters and what healthy foods you can serve as sides for your picky eaters.

Studies have revealed that children can become picky eaters as early as age 3. This is the age children start to develop taste preferences.

Crab Cakes are perfect for finger foods or make a superb entrée for picky eaters because jumbo lump crab meat is savory, easy to freeze and reheat for picky eaters to eat any time and any place.

Crab Cakes are crispy cakes of fresh crabmeat, fresh parsley, scallions, lemon juice and pepper. Picky eaters enjoy crab cakes for their splendid texture and flavorful crabmeat.

Crab cakes are kid-friendly meals that can be served with just about any side dish.

Here are some crabcake sides we recommend serving to your picky eaters this Easter:

  • Fruit on a Stick. Picky eaters love playful food items. We recommend kiwi, watermelon, and sliced grapes. Fruits go great with cheese cubes.
  • Serve crabmeat pizza with fresh tomato pesto. The healthiest crabmeat pizza is whole-wheat dough.
  • Yogurt smoothies. They are a perfect source of calcium and vitamin D. Layer them up with fruit and you are good to go.
  • Bite size crabmeat frittatas. These are delicious, protein rich appetizers that you can easily freeze until dinnertime.

Learn about more great Easter Dinner sides today.

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