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Box Hill Crab Cakes Make A Great Mother’s Day Gift

Send your mom the gift of crab cakes for Mother’s Day!

Send your mom the gift of crab cakes for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 12), and it’s a great holiday to remind everyone to celebrate the most important woman in their lives! While you should appreciate your mom every day of the year, Mother’s Day is a dedicated day to spend quality time with her and show her extra love. In addition to the flowers and card you’ll send your mom this year, why not add something special- like some delicious crab cakes from Box Hill!

Fresh Crab Cakes Every Time

At Box Hill, our crab cakes are guaranteed fresh so you can ensure that your mom is getting the best quality crab meat. Our delivery system is foolproof, and we ship Monday through Thursday. All packages are properly marked for next day shipment by FedEx, so orders placed before 10 am on Monday will be delivered by 3 pm on Tuesday, and so on. Any orders placed after 10 am will be processed the next business day. All crab cakes are packed in individual styrofoam containers and are packed with dry ice to ensure maximum freshness during shipping.

Cooking Crab Cakes

If you are able to visit your mom for Mother’s Day, you can not only buy her Box Hill crab cakes as a gift, but you can also prepare dinner! Spending the time to make dinner is a great way to show your mom how much you care and appreciate her, and cooking our crab cakes is very simple.

Start by removing the crab cakes from the container they arrive in, and make sure they are completely thawed before cooking. Preheat the oven to 425° and arrange the crab cakes on an ungreased pan. You can add a splash of water or a small amount of butter on the pan before placing crab cakes on the pan to prevent burning or sticking. When the oven is preheated, cook the crab cakes for approximately 20 minutes or until the cakes are golden brown on top and firm to the touch. You can also check the internal temperature to ensure they are cooked- it should be at least 145° F. Let them cool for a few minutes, and serve with any sides you like, and enjoy!

If you are in the Abingdon, Maryland area, you can also treat her to dinner at the Box Hill restaurant! We have a wide variety of menu items including seafood, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and of course, the best crab cakes in Maryland.

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

We are located in Abingdon, Maryland, and our crab cakes are available year-round! If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Box Hill Crab Cakes is your source for the freshest, most authentic Maryland crab cakes—and we’ll ship them to your door! Our top-secret family recipe has been fine-tuned for decades, and we guarantee you will love them. Visit us online to place your order or give us a call at 410-515-3662. Want to get recipe ideas, updates, and information on sales? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, YouTube, and Twitter.


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