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Celebrate National Salad Month At Box Hill

Celebrate National Salad Month with a salad from Box Hill!

Celebrate National Salad Month with a salad from Box Hill!

May is always National Salad Month, as the warm weather has finally arrived and many people start craving a fresh and light meal. Salads can get a bad reputation for being boring and tasteless, but at Box Hill, we use the best ingredients to make the most delicious salads! We have a variety of super salads on the menu, full of fresh vegetables, chicken, shrimp, and our famous Greek salad topped with large pieces of feta cheese. Come on down to celebrate National Salad Month with one of our great options as your side dish or main entree!

Greek Salad

Box Hill’s famous Greek salad is a well-loved menu item with our customers because of our delicious house dressing, and the large piece of fresh feta cheese served on each plate. Our Greek salad is made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onion, pepperoncini, and feta cheese. Add grilled chicken to make it more filling for a delicious and healthy meal.

Shrimp Salad

Shrimp salad can actually be served over lettuce, or over a bun as a submarine or sandwich. Shrimp salad consists of fresh shrimp, of course, as well as mayo, lemon juice, celery, and dill.

Chicken Caesar Salad

A chicken Caesar salad is a classic menu item that is always a good option. The key to a great salad is the dressing- which is made with garlic, olive oil, anchovies or anchovy paste, mayo, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. The combination of a creamy dressing, grilled chicken, and parmesan cheese over fresh lettuce can’t be beaten!

Greek Spinach Pie

Greek spinach pie isn’t exactly a salad, but the homemade pie pairs perfectly with a side Greek salad to make a full meal! The pastry filling is filled with vegetables and cheese, including onion, lots of spinach, feta cheese, ricotta cheese, and seasoned with fresh dill, parsley, salt, and pepper. Come try our homemade Greek spinach pie to find out why it’s one of our top sellers!

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

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