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A Brief History Of The Classic Summer Meal- Fish and Chips!

Learn about the history of the traditional fish and chips.

Learn about the history of the traditional fish and chips.

Fish and chips is a well-loved meal all over the world, and is a classic summer meal in the U.S., especially along the east coast. The delicious deep-fried fish in a crispy batter is served with warm french fries, often with a side of coleslaw and tartar sauce, for the ideal summer meal! Continue reading to learn more about the history of fish and chips, then come on down to Box Hill to try out our platter!

A Brief History

No one knows exactly where or when fish and chips first come together, but chips, or French fries, came to Britain in the eighteenth century. Around the mid-1800s, fish warehouses sold fried fish with bread. During World War I, fish and chips grew in popularity as the meal was served to feed the masses. Also, since fish and potatoes were two of the only foods not rationed during World War II, the meal maintained its popularity and status.

Where Fish and Chips Shops Started

Fish and chip shops, called “chippies” in the U.K., originated in England. The first person to serve fish and chips together is not clear, as some say it is John Lees of Lancashire in 1863, while others claim it was Joseph Malin in East London around 1860. As the area’s population was rapidly expanding in the early 1900s, thousands of shops opened up to feed everyone. By 1910, there were over 25,000 fish and chip shops in the U.K., and over 35,00 by the 1930s. Today, that number has more than tripled in the U.K.

The Federation of Fish Fries in the U.K. states that the British ate 300 million servings of fish and chips in 1995- which averages out to six servings for every man, woman, and child in the country! One independent chippie owner holds the record for largest number of portions sold in one day at over 4,000 orders.

Fish and Chips In The US

In the U.S., the dish is usually prepared with cod or haddock, but other white fish are quite common, including halibut, flounder, and tilapia. The batter is typically made with flour and water with baking soda and vinegar added, but certain places tweak the recipe by adding other ingredients such as beer or milk. The platter is served with a lemon wedge, tartar sauce, and refreshing coleslaw. Now that you know all about fish and chips come on into Box Hill for your next summer meal!

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