Celebrate National Crab Meat Day with Box Hill’s Best Maryland Crab Cakes! - Boxhill Crabcakes


Celebrate National Crab Meat Day with Box Hill’s Best Maryland Crab Cakes!

Box Hill Crab Cakes

Celebrate National Crab Meat Day with Box Hill’s famous Crab Cakes!

Today is National Crab Meat Day, and there is no better way to celebrate than with Box Hill’s renowned Maryland crab cakes — the very best in Maryland!

Here in Maryland, we are recognized throughout the country for our love of local blue crabs, and Box Hill is known for the very best. The secret is in our very selective process of only using the very best local crabs, which undergo a rigorous process of inspection and preparation. Because we never compromise on quality or our very famous seasonings, even the crab cakes that we proudly ship right to your door are the most delicious that you can find in all of Maryland. While some restaurants may obtain their crabs from national processors or seafood distributors, ours are always the product of local crabbers from waterways of the East Coast. Even the ingredients we use in our crab cakes are 100% authentic and are purchased from local merchants..

In honor of today’s national holiday celebrating our very favorite seafood, we would like to share a few of our favorite side dishes and sauces that you and your family can enjoy at home. After you’ve prepared your crab cakes properly, these little suggestions can truly work to complement your meal! Be sure to try our convenient and innovative crab cake shipping methods, so you can always have Box Hill’s famous quality and taste brought straight to your door.

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Box Hill’s Famous Crab Cakes

  • As Burgers. Here in Baltimore, we love our crab cakes so much that they’re even sold at Camden Yards! Grilling up your crab cakes on a bun and dressing it like a burger makes a hearty, outdoorsy meal that you can even wrap up and take on-the-go.
  • In a Salad. If you want to keep your meal on the lighter side, serve the crab cake in the middle of a light salad or, better yet, break the crab cake into bite-sized pieces and springle throughout. The crab will truly make the salad’s ingredients pop and makes for a great summer dinner.
  • As a po’boy. Being in Maryland, we have a love of Southern-influenced cuisine. Nothing is a more delicious example than our region’s signature sandwich, the po’boy. Cut your crab cake in half, align it on a warm hoagie roll, and dress with lettuce, tomato, and your favorite condiment to add a taste of New Orleans to your crab.
  • With a Side of Russian Dressing. This may sound basic, but Maryland crab cakes are well-known to go great with Russian dressing. You can use this as our recommended topping if you decide to go the salad route, or just serve as a dipping sauce. Either way is tangy and fantastic.
  • With Horseradish. Combine some horseradish, mayo and sour cream — and maybe a little of that Russian dressing — to make a zesty, slightly spicy alternative that’ll make your mouth (and eyes) water!

Box Hill Crab Cakes are proudly made from a secret family recipe and have grown in popularity for over 25 years. If you have any questions about our world famous Maryland Crab Cakes, please contact Box Hill Crabcakes by calling 410-515-3662 or feel free to order online. You won’t be disappointed!

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