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Lump Day Crab Cakes at Box Hill

On Wednesday we’re all over the hump, so to speak, but lets be honest, 5 pm on Friday still seems like its a long way off. You need something more than just a catchy phrase to gear you up for the rest of the week, something that will actually get you over the hump. What could that be? If you guessed Box Hill crab cakes, you’re right!


Instead of hump day, try lump day with us instead. Our crab cakes are made with just enough juicy jumbo lump crab meat to cure those hump day blues. They’ve been voted the best crab cakes in Maryland and we ship them out daily to crab cake lovers across the county. Let’s just say this crustacean’s reputation precedes it.


If you’re not in the mood for crab cakes (a rare but natural symptom of hump day, but see a doctor if this persists for more than a few weeks in a row) we’ve got plenty of other items on the menu for dinner. Our fresh dough New England pizza comes in both 12 and 16 inch sizes, as well as by the slice, and we’ll put any topping on it you like, from good old pepperoni to pineapple and imported ham. Or try one of our super salads or our Italian specialties like eggplant parmigiana. Don’t forget to ask about our homemade soups, made fresh daily.


Boxhill Crabcakes



About Box Hill Crab Cakes:

Voted one of Maryland’s best restaurants for crabcakes, give us a try and you too will be a satisfied customer who will be back for more! Contact us today to try some of Maryland’s best crab cakes.

Boxhill’s Crabcakes, made from a secret family recipe, have grown in popularity for over 25 years.

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