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Dry Ice Crab Cake Shipping

Shipped crab cakes with next day delivery from the crab cake capital of the United States? Sounds too good to be true right? It isn’t! It’s so good, and it’s true. And now, with dry ice shipping, it’s even better.


Previously, we used frozen reusable gel packs to keep our crab cakes cool and comfortable during shipping. Now, we’ve switched over to dry ice for shipping. Why? It has to do with how dry ice “melts” during shipping. Dry ice doesn’t actually melt, it sublimates, so there’s no water involved. It goes directly from frozen carbon dioxide to carbon dioxide in its gas form. This keeps the packaging from getting damaged and keeps your crab cakes cooler for longer than gel packs.


We put a lot of work into making our award-winning crab cakes, so we want to make sure they arrive at your doorstep in the same shape that we sent them. Dry ice keeps our crab cakes fresh and ready to make when you get them. If you’re looking for the definitive taste of Maryland, the only way to go is crab cakes. Order some of our famous crab cakes today and before you know it they’ll be at your house ready to be cooked.


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