What to Serve with your Crab Cakes


What to Serve with your Crab Cakes

Everyone knows that nothing beats a Maryland crab cake. Since the 18th century Americans have been enjoying this delicacy, and time has not dulled its succulent draw one bit. But did you know you can get even more mileage out of this legendary foodstuff simply by pairing it with a few other choice dishes? Box Hill is here with a few select entrees to accompany our delicious crab cakes to help you maximize your meal’s potential.Maryland Crab Cakes


French Fries

A popular pairing with all varieties of seafood, the legendary combo of fish & chips is hard to beat. Crispy, delicious french fries are easy to prepare and can be acquired from your local supermarket or hand-cut from potatoes. Try seasoning them with Old Bay for some added crabby kick. For superior fries that are cooked with crab cakes in mind, you also can’t go wrong with Box Hill’s own recipe.


Another classic sea-food side, the cool, crisp, and tangy flavor of coleslaw balances the warm succulence of a Maryland crab cake perfectly. You can buy coleslaw pre-made at almost any grocery store, but you might consider Box Hill’s fresh coleslaw, available at an affordable price and unbeatable taste.


Salads full of fresh and leafy greens are a healthy and frequently chosen side for crab cakes. Try experimenting with different ingredients, nuts, tomato slices, or fruits to find a salad that works best with crab cakes.


Crab cakes have a long history of accompanying bread, whether as a sandwich, or a side. Cornbread, rolls, and biscuits all make excellent options and give your guests the choice of eating their crab cakes as sandwich.


Because seafood, particularly crab cakes are often very hearty and filling, it’s typically best to serve them alongside lighter beverages. Nobody wants to walk away from the table feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Consider serving light beers, ales, or possibly a pilsner. For wine lovers, Maryland crab cakes often pair well with a nice pinto grigio.

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