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The Future of Crab Cakes

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According to recent article published by the Smithsonian, the crab cakes all Marylanders have grown to know and love may be a thing of the past in the next 100 years. According to specialists, the ever changing ecology of the Chesapeake Bay could remove the Maryland Blue Crab from our ecosystem, forcing Maryland to rethink their state staple dish.

There are two obvious threats of the blue crab currently. Climate change and the chemical balance of the ocean water is poised to threaten the ecology of not only the Maryland Blue Crab, but local oysters and striped bass as well. While the 2 degree temperature increase of the Chesapeake Bay doesn’t appear to affect the blue crabs directly, it does change their activity and how they should be tracked by local fishermen. However, an increase in water temperature can also increase algae blooms throughout the bay, causing larger dead zones. These dead zones are created when algae blooms deplete the water of oxygen, preventing any further life in the area. The acidic level of the ocean water also threatens the life of the Chesapeake Bay. As more carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere, the more is absorbed by the ocean water, causing the overall acidic level to rise.

At Box Hill, we strive to use only Maryland Blue Crab meat when preparing our famous Box Hill Crab Cakes. Since we began in 1984, Box Hill has watched as the Chesapeake Bay fights to stay healthy. We know that the residents surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, including ourselves, will do whatever needs to be done in order to help the bay bounce back. We hope to continue using Maryland Blue Crabs for our famous crab cakes for years to come.

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