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Why Order Your Crab Cakes Online?

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At Box Hill, we offer a number of different food and beverage services for our loyal customers. One of our most famous services is the ability to order our famous crab cakes online and have them delivered right to your door! While this service may seem frivolous to some skeptics, it holds many benefits for others.

When you order your crab cakes online, you are saving yourself time and money. Instead of worrying about traffic and gas, let FedEx do the work for you. Once your order has been placed, your crab cakes will be delivered to your front door by the trained delivery services offered by FedEx. Orders placed by 10am will be delivered by 3pm the following day. This also allows busy families to plan their meals accordingly. If parents already have a plan for dinner, time is saved both in and out of the kitchen. Evenings filled with sporting games and homework can run smoothly when parents know dinner has already been taken care of. This also makes planning for parties and special dinner events easier. Our famous and delicious crab cakes can be ordered in packs of 4,6,12, and 24. So whether you are a family of two or serving a party of twenty, Box Hill Crab Cakes can be your main entrée whenever they are being craved!

Once you have received your Box Hill crab cakes, cooking them to perfection is simple! Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to preparing a crab cake dinner your family and friends are sure to love!


  1. For 8-10 minutes, preheat your over at a temperature of 425 degrees.
  2. Use a pan without grease, using only a small amount of butter or water to cook your crab cakes on.
  3. Cook crab cakes for about 20 minutes, depending on your oven. Crab cakes should be firm and have a golden brown top with an internal temperature of 145 degrees.


Voted one of Maryland’s best restaurants for crab cakes, give us a try and you too will be a satisfied customer who will be back for more! Contact us today to try some of Maryland’s best crab cakes.

Boxhill’s Crab cakes, made from a secret family recipe, have grown in popularity for over 25 years.

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