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Throwing a Summer Cookout with Box Hill Crab Cakes

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Summer is the season of cookouts. You have hotdogs, hamburgers, fruit salad, and pasta salad. What are you missing? Don’t forget the crab cakes! We Marylanders love our crab cakes; they’re a staple of our state. People have been eating them for centuries; some of the earliest recipes being found in cookbooks from the early 19th century. But let’s be honest, no one does crab cakes better than Maryland. Let a Maryland company handle your crab cakes for this year’s cookout. Box Hill Crab Cakes is your go-to for this season. Don’t forget to pair the right foods with your crab cakes! Here are a few ideas that would go great with the delicious Maryland favorite:


  • Corn on the cob. Always a summer favorite, there’s nothing better than fresh, sweet corn from your local farmer’s market. Instead of salt, try spicing it up with some Old Bay. Yum!
  • Cole Slaw. Cole slaw is a nice light accompaniment to crab cakes. Not a fan of cabbage? Look for broccoli slaw for a crisper, sweeter crunch.
  • Grilled asparagus. If you’re not a fan of asparagus, your favorite green vegetable will balance the taste of the flavorful crab cakes.
  • Steak. For a surf-n-turf style dinner, grill up some steak and pair it with Box Hill crab cakes. Your guests will love it! National Boh beer.
  • Baltimore knows Boh. This light, crisp beer won’t overwhelm the taste of the crab cake and the two make a delicious pair.


Maryland crab is one of the most famous foods in the state, so why not make it the focus of your cookout? Now that you have your menu straightened out, don’t wait any longer! To order Box Hill Crab Cakes, click here or call us at 410.515.3662. Follow Box Hill today on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!



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