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What’s a Louisiana Crab Cake?

Maryland crab cakes

Louisiana-style crab cakes are okay, but they’re no Box Hill.

You’ve heard of, eaten, savored, enjoyed, and lusted over Maryland crab cakes—but did you know that we aren’t the only state known for great crab cakes? While we are biased towards our own delicious jumbo lump Maryland crab cakes, Louisiana crab cakes are also pretty tasty too! What sets Louisiana crab cakes apart?

What is a Maryland Crab Cake?

First things first, it’s important to know what sets Maryland crab cakes apart. There are two main styles of crab cake in Maryland, restaurant or gourmet style and boardwalk style.

  • Restaurant style or gourmet Maryland crab cakes—These are not breaded at all. Instead, they rely on a very small amount of binders within the cake to hold shape. Restaurant crab cakes are typically cooked over an open flame or in a pan with some butter. Gourmet Maryland crab cakes, like those at Box Hill, use large pieces of meat without shredding or tearing it.
  • Boardwalk style Maryland crab cakes—These crab cakes are typically packed with egg and bread crumbs to hold together the meat. They typically are loaded with Old Bay seasoning, breaded, and deep fried for a thick crust.

What is a Louisiana Crab Cake?

Now that you are familiar with what makes a Maryland crab cake so special, let’s give you the run down on a Louisiana crab cake. Just like Maryland crab cakes are famous for using blue crab, Louisiana uses them too! Instead of getting their crabs from the Chesapeake Bay like we do, they get theirs from various bayous and rivers around Louisiana. Louisiana crab cakes are flour, coated in an egg wash, and finally coded in a layer of breadcrumbs. This makes a crunchy exterior layer similar to boardwalk style Maryland crab cakes.  They are a pan fried with a little bit of oil and served with fiery Cajun spices and hot sauce.

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