4 Ways that Pizza is the Most Romantic Food


4 Ways that Pizza is the Most Romantic Food

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Bon appetit!

Italian food undoubtedly has a romantic reputation. It’s one of the most decadent and delicious things you can enjoy. It’s no mystery why people love one of its staples, pizza. There is no better time than around Valentine’s Day to treat the one you love, or maybe even just yourself, to a delicious pizza. Here are some great reasons to enjoy pizza around Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, taken, or anything in between.

Try Out A Heart Shaped Box

Chocolate is known for coming in a romantic heart shaped box, but why not pizza? Try out this fun twist on a classic for a fun and unforgettable Valentine’s Day treat. Get a big heart shaped box of chocolates, and stash the candy somewhere for later. Make sure the box is big enough to fit a pizza neatly inside, and then put the pizza inside the box. Make sure the pizza is loaded up with all of you, or your sweetheart’s favorite toppings. This is a clever and fun way to put a delicious twist on a Valentine’s Day classic.

Or Maybe A Heart Shaped Pizza

If you order out, there are numerous places which create heart shaped pizzas. This is a classic Valentine’s Day motif that any true romantic and pizza lover would be delighted to receive. Some places even offer pizzas with heart-shaped toppings. Another option is to make the heart shaped pizza yourself and make the pizza lover in your life feel truly appreciated.  

Sweet vs Savory

While some definitely have a sweet tooth, many people prefer savory treats to sweet ones. If you or the one you love are like this, the standard box of Valentine’s Day chocolates just won’t cut it. In fact, getting someone something that doesn’t suit them, on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, might even have the opposite effect. If your loved one doesn’t like sweets, a pizza may be the perfect thing.

A Pizza Party

If you are single, or just sick of all the inescapable Valentine’s Day blitz and flash, it may be a great idea to throw a pizza party for you and your friends to lift their spirits. This is a fun way to make the holiday your own and gather your friends and family.

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