5 Pizza and Wine Pairings You’ll Love


5 Pizza and Wine Pairings You’ll Love

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What’s your favorite wine & pizza pairing?

If you are out enjoying a fresh slice of pizza, then you will probably want to couple it with a nice glass of wine. However, selecting the perfect wine for your palate can prove to be a tricky task when dealing with a food such as pizza. Because of the variety of pizzas that exist, different wines go well with different pizzas. Before you go crazy looking for the perfect pairing, here are some pizza and wine combos that you’ll love.


Montepulciano is a grape that is grown in Abruzzo, a region of Rome, Italy. This particular wine goes well when coupled with a classic cheese pizza because the acidity and flavor of the cheese pizza will become the focal point of the meal. Another good alternative wine is GSM to bring out the flavor.


Sangiovese is a good choice for pepperoni pizza, as it will provide a balance to the intense flavors that pepperoni pizza emits. Because of the fat in the pepperoni, it tends to emit its flavor throughout the cheese on top of the pizza, making it difficult to counterbalance. Another alternative wine to try with pepperoni pizza is Cabernet Franc, as it does surprisingly well at balancing the pepperoni flavor.

Dry Rose

For those who love Margherita pizza, Dry Rose is the perfect pizza and wine combination for you. Margherita pizza, because it is light in flavor, also does well with lighter red wines to start. If you are strictly a dark red wine drinker, then Garnacha is a great alternative to pair.


Bold red wines pair excellently with sausage pizza. Rich meats, such as sausage, have intense flavor due to its spices, and this pairs well with bold wines such as Syrah. If you are looking for an alternative wine for your pizza and wine combo, then Pinotage is an excellent, dark wine to pair.


Hawaiian Pizza, topped with ham and pineapple, and Zinfandel is a match made in heaven. Zinfandels fruity notes balance perfectly with the pineapple on the pizza. For real flavor intensity, Riesling is also excellent when paired with Hawaiian pizza. This German wine does well in bringing out the flavor of the ham and pineapple.

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