Best Wines to Pair with Maryland Crab Cakes


Best Wines to Pair with Maryland Crab Cakes

Are you looking for the best beverage to go with your crab cake feast? Try wine to create a perfect pairing for your meal. Wine compliments a crab cake dinner perfectly. Since New Year’s Eve has passed you’ve probably popped open a bottle of wine to celebrate. Keep the new year spirit going by combining some good wine with our award-winning crab cakes. Here are some wine choices that will enrich the flavor of your Maryland crab cakes.

Enjoy your delicious crab cakes with a glass of wine

Enjoy your delicious crab cakes with a glass of wine


This type of wine is great to pair with any type of crab cake. The taste of Chardonnay wines is sweet and light enough to create an even pair of taste with crab cakes. Chardonnay is good with crab cakes whether it is broiled or deep fried, so you can use this wine option as your “go-to” if you’re not sure what works best.

Sauvignon Blanc

The sauvignon blanc is a popular choice of wine in fine dining. Sauvignon blanc gives a unique smell that allows you to sense its taste before drinking it. Take your time and enjoy the flavor when drinking this wine. It’s oaky and fruity taste is a good choice for pairing with crab cakes. Try some fruity dipping sauce for your crab cakes with this tasty combo.


Pop open a bubbly bottle of champagne to properly serve Box Hill crab cakes. If you like your crab cakes fried, then this sparkling wine is a good choice. The hints of bready and eggy brioche in sparkling wines make it a great addition to the crispy breading of the crab cake. You will be most likely refilling your glass frequently with this choice of wine.

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