New Year's Eve Party Ideas


New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Watch the ball drop and toast to the new year by hosting a New Year’s Eve party. Hosting a New Year’s Eve party should be fun and easy. It is common to think that you have to spend a ton of money to host one.  That is totally not true. There are so many money saving ideas for hosting a New Year’s Eve party so that you can invest in what matters, the food! Boxhill Pizzeria has New Year’s Eve party ideas that make hosting easy and affordable. 

Bring in the new year with delicious Box Hill crab cakes

Bring in the new year with delicious Box Hill crab cakes


Buy games from a local convenient store. Games are an easy way to get friends to socialize and interact with each other. Have some fun and get your competitive juices flowing with some card games. There are card games that everyone should know how to play. Try playing UNO or regular card games such as goldfish, I declare war, or spades. Board games are also fun and easy. Connect Four is a fun game that everyone can play.


Hang string lights above the doors and across the walls to add cool party lighting. It is not a crime to still have some Christmas decorations hanging around for New Year’s, so feel free to add to your existing decor. Use some Christmas ornaments and place them on tables or desks around the house. Candles add a nice ambiance for a New Year’s Eve party as well. Party cups are also a part of decorations, so make sure to get some that match your theme. Hang New Year’s lanterns to add pizazz to the party.


Tell your friends to chip in by bringing a dish or some drinks to the party. Let your guests know that it doesn’t have to be something expensive. There are many food and drink choices to choose from, just make sure they bring something that goes well with crab!. Any contribution will help to get the party going.

A smart contribution would be ordering some crab cakes for the party. Especially some crab cakes from Box Hill. Wine and crab cakes are an awesome combo for a New Year’s Eve party meal. You can also use Box Hill’s crab balls as a delicious appetizer. Box Hill can help you save time and energy by shipping your crab cakes to your doorstep. Box Hill’s crab cakes are delivered fresh and are made with only the best jumbo lump crab meat that the Chesapeake Bay has to offer.   

Feeling Crabby this Holiday Season?

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