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The Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich Almost Became MD State Sandwich

The Maryland Senate backed a bill that would make the soft-shell Maryland crab sandwich the official sandwich of the state of Maryland. We’d prefer a Maryland crab cake sandwich become the state sandwich, but were excited to hear about this development nonetheless. Apparently, the Maryland House agreed with us, as the measure did not pass into becoming an official law. State Sen. Dolores G. Kelley, as reported by the Huffington Post, even went as far as calling soft-shell crab sandwiches “not kosher” and that “this stuff is kind of silly anyway.”


Sen. Richard Colburn of the Maryland Senate introduced the bill in an attempt to help Maryland watermen. He called the watermen, who are featured on the state seal, are a “dying breed.” Maryland Crab Cakes, however, are plentiful. And Boxhill Crabcakes can provide you with some of our award-winning, totally satisfying crab cakes. You can eat them as a “crabburger” (a crab cake on a hamburger bun) or enjoy them with your favorite side and beverage. Boxhill Crabcakes serve only the best in Maryland crab cakes and we’d want the state sandwich to be a Boxhill Crabcake sandwich. That’s how good our crab cakes are.

As Marylanders, we have been eating Maryland crab cakes for as long as we can remember. Maryland crab cakes are growing in popularity and are now appearing in countless local cookbooks. Crab cake recipes have not changed much since their inception in colonial times (although everyone has their own way of preparing the traditional Maryland crab cake recipe, such as Box Hill’s secret family recipe). We’re proud to have crab cakes be such an important part of our heritage.


Boxhill Crab Cakes have been selling their famous Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes for many years and with the evolution of technology, the availability of crab cakes today is at your fingertips. With the click of a mouse, you can now order your crab cakes online, delivered anywhere in the United States for next day delivery. Maryland Crab Cakes are perfect for parties, special occasions, holidays, or for any reason. See why some of our customers have said our crabcakes are “worth every penny.” Boxhill Crab Cakes: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!


About Box Hill Crab Cakes:


With a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction in a family-friendly environment, our carry-out seafood restaurant is a popular regional eatery with long-time, faithful customers who come in weekly to enjoy the “World Famous Crab Cakes,” incredible Italian dishes, authentic Greek specialties and delicious hot and cold subs to name just a few of the menu favorites.


Voted one of Maryland’s best restaurants for crabcakes, give us a try and you too will be a satisfied customer who will be back for more! Contact us today to try some of Maryland’s best crab cakes.


Boxhill’s Crabcakes, made from a secret family recipe, have grown in popularity for over 25 years.


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