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Back to School Crab Cakes at Box Hill

This week, schools around the state began to welcome students back into their halls and classrooms. With everyone attempting to get back into the routine of school, dinner can become a struggle for parents. Instead of planning dinner, parents will be focused on school supplies, meetings, and after school activities. With the flurry of activity that typically surrounds the beginning of the school year, planning dinner can be difficult, almost impossible even for parents. That is why Box Hill is here to make the transition into the new school year a little easier.

School night dinners with crab cakes

When it comes to planning dinner, let Box Hill do the heavy lifting. Call ahead for carry out, come in and sit for a while, or have our famous crab cakes delivered right to your door, the choice is yours! Our crab cakes can be dressed up or down depending on the style of dinner you would like to have during your busy school week or relaxing weekend. If you are in a hurry during the week, consider using our crab cakes to create a healthy alternative to beef burgers. Set out buns, condiments, and the crab cakes so your children can build their own crab cake burger. Sit out a fresh salad with chips or pretzels for your children to grab and munch while they tell you about your day. Want a more formal setting for your dinner? Use our crab cakes as your main course as your family sits around the table this weekend. Pair our crab cake with a light side, like rice, along with a fresh, green vegetable. Our crab cakes are prepared and seasoned in a special way to highlight the unique taste of the Maryland Blue Crab used within.


Let us worry about dinner so you don’t have to! Our crab cakes are packaged in individual Styrofoam containers and shipped in dry ice in order to ensure their freshness upon delivery to your home. Start the school year off right with Box Hill crab cakes!


To order your Maryland crab cakes, call Box Hill at (410)-515-3662. You can also visit us at 2915 Emmorton Road in Abingdon. For your convenience, our crab cakes can also be ordered online by clicking here!


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