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Chesapeake Bay Dead Zones Due to Heavy Rain

Chesapeake Bay Dead Zones


After having what looked like a promising summer by the way of decreased dead zones, the Chesapeake Bay has taken a step backwards after our heavy rain. After the recorded breaking rainfall on August 12th, it was no surprise to experts that a dead zone should develop in the bay. On that Tuesday, BWI recorded 6.31 inches of rainfall, which is the second highest recorded rainfall for the area since 1933.


At the beginning of the summer, members of the Department of Natural Resources claimed that the bay was experiencing the least amount of dead zones in 30 years, when the department first began monitoring the bay. Now, the bay is experiencing the eight worst dead zones ever recorded due to the heavy rain fall. After the rainfall, excess amounts of raw sewage, phosphorus and nitrogen entered the Chesapeake Bay, allowing algae to bloom throughout the bay. Once the alga begins to die and decompose, the alga uses the oxygen within the water and falls to the bottom of the bay, creating a dead zone. Currently, the dead zone stretches across the bay from the Potomac River to the Bay Bridge, which happens to be the deepest portions of the Chesapeake Bay. Dead zones can also be found surrounding the Dundalk, Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, and Charles County areas.


At Box Hill, we strive to use only Maryland Blue Crab meat when preparing our famous Box Hill Crab Cakes. Since we began in 1984, Box Hill has watched as the Chesapeake Bay fights to stay healthy. We know that the residents surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, including ourselves, will do whatever needs to be done in order to help the bay bounce back. We hope to end our summer season on a strong foot with plenty of crab cakes to go around.


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