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Comments on the Cape Cod Crab Cake

As Marylanders we live and breathe crabs. Well, not really, if you want to be technical. We can’t breathe crabs. Crabs can breathe water and we can breathe air but scientists have not yet discovered a way to inhale crabs, though we’re anxiously waiting with bated breath, baited lines, and rapidly abating time. If you’ve ever tried our crab cakes you’ve surely all but inhaled them anyway. We do “live crabs” so to speak, as they are a means of sustenance and if it were physically possible would be the only necessary means of sustenance in our opinion. However, man cannot live on crab alone, and accordingly we offer a variety of other dishes on our menu.


But enough beating around the bush. The issue at hand that we’d like to address today comes to us from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where apparently they have fashioned a different kind of crab cake called the Cape Cod crab cake, on which we would like to comment.


The key difference between the Cape Cod and Maryland cakes is in their crab meat usage. Cape Cod opts for backfin meat while Maryland traditionally uses jumbo lump meat. Other than this difference there are a fair amount of similarities, including the use of egg and mayonnaise to bind the cake, and the use of celery and onion as filler. The Cape Cod cake trades Maryland’s mustard for a yellow pepper, finely diced, and also lacks Old Bay.


Obviously there are a myriad of recipes for both kinds of crab cakes, and variations are sure to occur. Here at Box Hill we use our own secret family recipe; the aforementioned Cape Cod recipe comes from a wine bar called Vin 205 at a restaurant called Wine Merchants Gourmet. But for comparisons sake, Vin 205 held an informal competition recently where crab cake aficionados sampled one recipe of both Cape Cod and Maryland crab cakes and chose their favorite. The Maryland cake won by two votes.


It appears that they know what they’re doing up there in Cape Cod. Still, the Maryland crab cake will always reign supreme for us. If you happen to be reading this from Cape Cod, greetings from the land of the blue crab. We invite you to give Box Hill Maryland Crab Cakes a try. We’ll ship them right to your doorstep. Why can’t we be friends?

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