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Feeling Crabby? Grab Some Box Hill Crab Cakes

Thursday is an interesting day of the week. You’re over the hump, so to speak, and yet sometimes on a Thursday morning the weekend can seem deceptively close. You walk in to the office thinking to yourself how there’s only two days of the week left when you find a note from your boss on your desk asking you to file an inhuman number of TPS reports on top of a ton of other work. The prospect of the weekend vanishes like an oasis in the desert which turns out to be a mirage. You had almost tasted freedom, held the weekend in your hand, and somehow it’s been turned into sand and TPS reports. You’ve got a case of the Thursdays, or better said, you’re crabby.


TPS reports have only one remedy...

TPS reports have only one remedy…

Box Hill knows how you feel. Well, we don’t file TPS reports, at least I think we don’t. If we do we haven’t been filing them lately. At least to my knowledge. Whose job is that? It’s not my job. Definitely not my job. But I digress…


There’s only one solution to a case of the Thursdays, and that solution is Box Hill crab cakes. Doctor’s orders. Our delicious crab cakes will be waiting patiently for you to finish those reports, and when you’re done they’ll cure what ails you. Succulent jumbo lump crab meat really is a universal cure for just about anything, they just haven’t made it public yet because lets face it, we would have chaos on our hands. We want to keep the crab population in the bay at healthy levels, and if everyone knew that crab cakes were a cure-all, they’d be gone faster than bread, milk and toilet paper off the grocery store shelves when the weather calls for a 50% chance of two inches of snow.


So if you’re feeling crabby, we’re right there with you friend. Stop by after work and enjoy the solidarity of shellfish. And remember this: tomorrow is Friday!



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