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Graduation Dinner= Maryland Crab Cakes

Graduation dinner crab cakesMay has arrived and June is finally in sight. In the next month or so, many families will be preparing to celebrate a graduation. After the ceremony the big question presents itself: What should we have for dinner to celebrate? There is only one answer to this question, Maryland crab cakes from Box Hill. You are now ready to set the world on fire with that degree in your hand, why not start off the celebration eating our “World Famous Crab Cakes”!
Whether it’s just you and your parents or the whole extended family, Maryland crab cakes from Box Hill are the perfect main course to celebrate your academic success. With all of the activity and excitement that goes into the day of graduation, let Box Hill do the heavy lifting when it comes to your celebration dinner. We provide the main course; all you need are accent sides. Have a nice garden salad on hand with some light dressing to start things off and complement our crab cakes with a light side. Try something simple like French fries or broccoli and stay away from any heavy seasonings so you don’t overwhelm your palate.
Keep the beverages light as well, our crab cakes are rich in flavor and you don’t want a beverage competing with the flavors of all Maryland crab meat. If the graduate is on their way to college, iced tea or lemonade should do the trick. Mom and dad get to celebrate their contributions as well on this special day, so stick with a light, crisp wine for mom and a light beer like National Boh for dad.
Box Hill has been serving families like your own Maryland crab cakes since 1984. We our family owned and based in Maryland, so there is no question we are the experts when it comes to authentic Maryland crab cakes taste. We have been voted one of Maryland’s best restaurants for Maryland crab cakes, so you can trust that your graduation dinner is in capable hands.
Our crab cakes can be ordered in packs of 4, 6, 12, or 24 to suite your family’s crab cake cravings. Crab cakes will arrive in their own containers and are packed and shipped with dry ice to maintain their temperature and to ensure freshness.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express and you can place your orders by calling 410-515-3662 or by ordering online.
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