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How do we Save the Maryland Blue Crab

Maryland Blue Crab

This past winter was exceptionally cruel to our Maryland Blue Crab population, creating one of the largest die-offs recorded from a winter season. After the yearly winter dredge survey was conducted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the female blue crab population was listed at 69 million. This is a 12 year low for the species and has been determined to be too small of a number to sustain the blue crab population. According to NOAA, in order for the population to reach its high from 1991, there would be a need of 160-215 million female blue crabs. So what is to be done?

Dan Rodricks, a Baltimore Sun columnist since 1979, wrote an article calling for the moratorium of blue crabs. He references the rockfish moratorium during the years of 1985-90 and highlights how the rockfish population was able to make a comeback. A blue crab moratorium would prevent the crabs from being caught and harvested for 365 days in hopes that the population would be able to make a comeback during that time. Some Maryland residents fail to see where a moratorium would be successful with the blue crab problem. Jarrettsville resident Richard Anderson wrote a letter arguing that a moratorium is too “simple and elementary” for such a “complex” problem as the blue crab population. He goes on to address the number of local residents and businesses that would be negatively affected by such a plan.

At Box Hill, we pride ourselves on using only Maryland blue crab meat to make our famous Maryland crab cakes. For over 25 years we have strived to supply residents with only the best crab cakes, and our reputation speaks for itself. We have seen the highs and lows of the Maryland Blue Crab and will continue to use only the best crab meat for our crab cakes while not jeopardizing the crab species that we as a state hold dear to our hearts.

Located in Abingdon, Maryland, our crab cakes are available year round and can be ordered online to be shipped straight to your front door. Order online here or call us at (410)-515-3662. If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

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