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History Of The Gyro

Learn all about the history of the Greek gyro!

Learn all about the history of the Greek gyro!

The gyro is one of the most popular comfort foods and is a delicious sandwich that originated in Greece. In addition to being a unique and tasty meal, the gyro is known for being one of the most often mispronounced foods- as the correct pronunciation is actually “yee-ro.” Continue reading to learn more about the Greek sandwich, then visit us at Box Hill for a taste of our lamb or chicken gyro!

What Is A Gyro?

A gyro is a unique sandwich because of the way the meat is cooked. For a traditional Greek gyro, seasoned lamb or beef meat is placed on a tall vertical split, which then turns in front a vertical broiler. The outside of the meat is then sliced vertically to create thin and crispy shavings for the sandwich.

While Greek gyros are typically made with lamb or beef, gyros in the U.S. are found with various types of meat. Toppings usually include lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzatziki- a delicious yogurt-based cucumber sauce. All these ingredients are wrapped in a pita bread, (which slightly resembles a cross between a hamburger and taco,) to create the one of a kind Greek specialty!

How The Gyro Originated

Although Gyros are believed to have originated in Greece, food historians believe that the modern version of the sandwich and the name “gyro” started in New York in 1971. The traditional sandwich may have been originated as long as 2,000 years ago when soldiers from the army of Alexander the great skewered their meat on long knives and cooked it by repeatedly turning over an open fire. However, the sandwich we now know as the gyro started in Manhattan about 47 years ago and was an instant hit. Native Greek couples were quoted in a New York Times Article from 1971 that the cheap gyro tasted “close to what it’s like in Athens.”

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