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Maryland Crab Cakes Equal Space Cakes

Since the beginning of construction in 1998, the International Space Station has been a fixture of our unknown galaxy. For 15 years, astronauts and scientists from the United States, Canada, Russia, Europe, and Japan have partnered to develop and run the ISS. Within these 15 years, the space station has been home to countless astronauts and has held plenty of food for its passengers to enjoy. But, until recently, the International Space Station was home to some Maryland crab cakes.


Maryland Crab Cakes


The space station is constantly occupied, and was just recently home to Maryland’s own Reid Wiseman, a flight engineer with NASA. The station was also home to Barry Wilmore, Maxim Suraev, Alexander Gerst, Elena Serova, and Alexander Samokutyaev. On October 28th, the Cygnus spacecraft through Orbital Science delivered the Maryland crab cakes to Wiseman, and he joked with Charles Bolden about possibly sharing the hometown favorite with the rest of his crew. NASA currently has a contract with Orbital Science worth $1.9 billion to conduct a total of eight missions to the space station. These missions typically include delivering fresh food to the astronauts, but this is the first time Maryland crab cakes have been requested aboard the station. This mission was the third of the eight noted in the contract. After enjoying his Maryland crab cakes, Wiseman and the rest of his crew returned to Earth on November 9th. The crew had been aboard the space station for since May 28th of this year.


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