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Seafood Prices on the Rise

Crab Price Increase

As many might have noticed, a lot of prices in our everyday lives are increasing. Unfortunately one of the prices that are increasing is the price of seafood, including that of Maryland Blue Crabs. While some price hikes are a mystery, there is at least some understanding as to why seafood and crab prices have increased from last year.

This past April and May contained some cooler temperatures than normal, resulting in cooler air and water temperatures. With these cool temperatures comes cooler body temperature for our fish and crustaceans. These animals are cold blooded, so they match their surrounding habitat temperature. Cooler body temperatures means our crabby friends tend to move slower which then means less action for those who go crabbing. Because not as many crabs are making their way into traps, crabbers are catching less of the crustaceans. What happens next? You guessed it, supply and demand. Over this past Memorial Day weekend, crab buyers took the brunt of the price hit by paying over $200 per bushel of crabs. Local jumbo meat currently has a going rate of $30 per pound.

The current condition of crab population in the bay is also hurting the price for crabs at the moment. During May of last year, there was a 36 bushel limit for crabbers to help monitor the crab population. This May, the bushel limit was only 11, making crabbing more difficult. The good news for crab population? Maryland DNR has taken a very active approach when dealing with the crab population. With their current regulations along with the cleaning efforts of the bay, DNR is predicting a successful comeback of the Maryland Blue Crab in the Chesapeake Bay.

So what does this news mean for Box Hill Crab cakes? At Box Hill, we strive to provide our customers with only the best quality crab cakes made with Maryland Blue Crab meat. We are making all efforts to prevent a price increase on our crab cakes, but fear that an increase may be necessary in order to stay consistent with our crab cake recipe. With that being said, we will also strive and make any and all attempts to make any price increase last as short as possible. We appreciate the continual support of residents who choose Box Hill as their crab cake destination.

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