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Maryland Making Progress with the Chesapeake Bay

In a recent study released Wednesday, Maryland is one of the two states that met its pollution reduction goals. According to a study conducted by the Choose Clean Water Coalition and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Chesapeake Bay watershed is improving when it comes to pollution reduction, however some states are not meeting their individual goals. The study is conducted to track the progress of each state and to make sure everyone is doing their part in the process to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. The goals were set by states in 2010 after each state alongside the EPA set pollution limits to help with water quality. This followed the 2009 order for the EPA to take over the bay restoration by President Obama.

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The study showed these results for our state and our two surrounding states:

  1. Maryland- While our state met the goals in the areas of forest buffers, animal waste management, and septic system pollution, we are still lacking in tree planting outside of the buffer zones.
  2. Virginia- The other state to meet their goals, Virginia met goals placed for urban stream restoration and preventing cattle from entering streams by fences. They still need to work on their storm water practices and conservation tillage.
  3. Delaware- Although Delaware was able to meet their goals for wetland restoration and urban planting, they were unsuccessful in meeting their goals for phosphorous and nitrogen goals.

The overall goals set by the EPA for the bay is to have the entire process finished by 2025 and 60% percent of water improvement to be reached in 2017.


For over 25 years Box Hill has provided the Abingdon and surrounding areas with delicious crab cakes made using only Maryland Blue Crab meat. We know that our state will be successful in doing its part to save the bay. So many of our residents depend on the bay for their livelihood, we will all do our part to reduce the amount of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.


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