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2013 Chesapeake Bay Report Card

Chesapeake Bay report cardThe report card for 2013 is out for the Chesapeake Bay and its connecting waterways. The University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science conducts the annual testing to check the progress of the bay. Despite excessive rains over the past year, the bay was able to maintain a “C” average. This will be the second year in a row that the bay has maintained a “C” grade.



The reports show that while some areas have made improvements, other have not. Areas like Virginia’s James River have improved since 2012, giving credit to the forests surrounding the area that prevent runoff after heavy rainfalls. Credit is also being given to sewer system updates. Although Back River and Patapsco waterways remained at an “F” grading, they began to show improvements. The biggest culprit in lowering the grades of some areas is the excessive rain hitting agricultural land. Rivers like the Choptank, Elk, and Chester, drain these lands, and in turn find pollutants like animal waste and fertilizer in their waters after large amounts of rain. Despite reports earlier in the current year, the populations of blue crab and striped bass have also shown improvement.



At Box Hill, we know how important it is to preserve our waterways and Chesapeake Bay. Since we opened our doors in 1984, our family at Box Hill has witnessed the life of the Chesapeake Bay and we know that with the improvement plans and clean up initiatives in place, our bay will be able to regain its health. Without the bay, we wouldn’t be able to make our famous crab cakes using only meat from Maryland Blue Crabs. Our family recipe has proven to produce only the best quality crab cakes to make our meals staples throughout the area. Our crab cakes are now available for delivery using dry ice and individual containers to maintain the freshness and quality of your crab cakes. Order Box Hill crab cakes for parties, formal gatherings, and casual dinners. When you are craving a Maryland crab cake, call Box Hill!


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