The History of the Crab Cake


The History of the Crab Cake

history of the crab cake

The history of the crab cake traces back to — you guessed — good ol’ Maryland.

Ah, hello kind Marylander, seafood lover, or food history buff! Thank you for joining us on Box Hill’s blog! Today we have for you a story — nay, an epic tale — about the history of the crab cake. This is the story of about how eating crab got twisted and turned upside down. We’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there, and we’ll tell you about how the crab cake became the king of Maryland.

Crab Cake Origin Story

A long time ago, in a country not far away at all (this very country, in fact), crabs were enjoyed by diners up and down the east and west coasts, although not nearly in the capacity that we know today. They were feared as dangerous and not worth the effort. Little did they know how wrong they were. As time went on, and as people became more familiar with eating crab, they grew in popularity. In 1930, a GENIUS named Crosby Gaige introduced in his cookbook, New York World’s Fair Cook Book, a recipe for what he dubbed the “Baltimore Crab Cake.” Mr. Gaige wove grand magic into his recipe, adding spices and breadcrumbs to the savory crab meat to create the delicacy we know today. Since then, Maryland has led the way in creating and recreating this Chesapeake staple dish. Box Hill proudly distributes Maryland’s signature dish all the way around the country, spreading enjoyment and deliciousness to those not fortunate enough to live on Chesapeake shores.

Crab cakes have a long history, originating in Maryland. Our access to fresh and delicious blue crabs make Maryland crab cakes the epitome of patty-shaped seafood dishes. We plan on continuing to do the Old Line State proud by providing delicious, light, and fresh crab cakes to anyone who calls upon us.

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