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What Makes Maryland Crab Cakes the Best?

maryland crab cakes

We heart Maryland crab cakes!

Ravens and O’s, Crabs and Bohs. That’s what Maryland does best. But what exactly is it about Maryland and crab cakes that seem to be a match made in heaven? In this week’s blog, we explore Maryland’s connection to the crab cake, and what exactly makes Maryland crab cakes the best crab cakes.

A Rich History

Last week we wrote all about the history of the crab cake. With its history deeply rooted in the Old Line State, crab cakes are a huge part of Maryland culture. As such, we take pride in continuing the legacy of the wonderful Crosby Gaige, who wrote the first recipe for the “Baltimore Crab Cake” in the 1930’s.

Maryland Pride

Maryland is widely regarded as one of the states with the most state pride in the country. I mean, would you look at that killer flag? Part of Maryland state pride is knowing that Maryland is the place to go for a fantastic crab cake. Since Marylanders are so proud of their creation, they take the time to hone their craft and perfect their recipes. Not to mention another huge source of Maryland pride — Old Bay seasoning.

Fresh and Delicious Ingredients

Here’s the real kicker. One of the biggest benefits of Maryland crab cakes is the direct access we have to the source of the freshest crabs — the Chesapeake Bay. With the Bay’s blue crab population steadily on the rise after some serious population concerns, Maryland blue crabs are plentiful and delicious. We have the luxury of being able to serve up crab cakes that were swimming in the bay maybe as recently as that very morning, meaning that you won’t lose any flavor in freezing or storing them.

Talk to any Marylander and he or she will tell you that Maryland crab cakes are the only way to go for a true crab cake experience. Don’t believe us? Stop by for a bite and see for yourself!

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